Storm Roofing

Jul 28, 2011 | Insurance Claims

Insurance claim denied for hail storm roofing

Storm Roofing

As you probably know, insurance claims due to hail storms are not that simple and easy to obtain. The filing process itself involves a lot of regulations and laws which are often intricate for ordinary homeowners like us. First of all, hiring a storm roofing contractor who will provide an inspection for the total cost of damage is already a burden. It’s often expensive. Another thing is that, after a hailstorm hits your house, the last thing that you want to do is to spend money for repair and restoration. At the back of your mind, the insurance provider should cover all the expenses since you paid them to assist you in times of calamities and natural disasters.


Isn’t it devastating when the insurance company refuses to grant your request for a complete roofing replacement when it is stated in the contract that they will cover for all damages caused by hailstorms? It is. Here are the things that you can do should the insurance provider refuse to pay for the repair bills.


  • Send a letter of request to the insurance commissioner or to your agent. Ideally, it should be written in a business format. Inside the letter, details about who you are and what your request is all about must be clearly stated. Tell them that as a vigilant homeowner, you believe that there has been a mistake in their decision to decline your claim. Politely ask the commissioner to review your case again and if necessary, inform them that you are willing to hire a hail storm roofing company to help in the investigation as long as you can reimburse the fees once proven that you deserve a financial settlement.
  • Formally contest the decision. If the matter won’t be settled by requesting for another round of review, they must be able to send you the exact documents which they have used to deny your claims. In addition, the reason of the provider must be put in writing for formality purposes. In this way, you can use it as evidence to defend your case when you file for a complaint. Insurance companies have different ways of dealing with appeals but what matters is that they must be fair and unbiased.
  • Hire a lawyer who specializes in these types of case. Aside from a hail storm roofing contractor who can detect the exact cause of roofing damage, an attorney who understands the laws about roofing insurances will greatly help.
  • If the hail storm roofing contractor told you that the cause of the damages was due to violent weathers, discuss the matter with a certified law practitioner. He will then confirm if you have a big chance of winning the suitcase in courts. This is going to be a sensitive and complicated case but if the court has proven that your claim was wrongfully denied, otherwise known as “bad faith,” you will be entitled for additional money for the emotional stress that you suffered.


Have you been wrongfully denied of an insurance claim? Fight for your legal rights and don’t let these fraud insurance companies run away from their financial obligations. Hire the best roofers and an experienced lawyer to help you win the case in the court.

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